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In this video, the method shown for tying tzitzit is that of Nusach Ari. We have also chosen the most common number of wraps/knots. There are, of course, other traditions for tying tzitzit, but we have chosen this one as an example.

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The number of wraps/knots symbolize the following: 5 double knots + 8 strands = 13. The numerical value of the word tzitzit is 600. 13+600=613, the rabbinic enumeration of the commandments.

7 + 8 = 15, standing for Yod - Hey (10+5) the first two letters of the Name.

11 = Vav - Hey (6+5), last two letters of the Name.

13 = 'echad, Hebrew meaning "one" (Aleph-Chet-Dalet, 1+8+4 = 13).

Thus, the wraps/knots 7, 8, 11, 13 represent the phrase "Adonai is One".

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