Even Bohan / Shem Tov Matthew

I have typed into a word processor (Mellel) the Even Bohan Hebrew text from George Howard, Hebrew Gospel of Matthew (Mercer, 1995) in order to make it useable for comparing with other Hebrew Matthew texts.

Click here to download a pdf file of the Even Bohan (this file has my working notes as footnotes)
Click here to download an rtf file of the Even Bohan (this file has my working notes as footnotes)

Note: Thanks much to Grzekasz Kaszynski for correcting many typos in this working file.
I have uploaded a corrected version (both the pdf and rtf files) as of 2/12/2010

I have obtained images of two of the Even Bohan manuscripts (compiled into pdf format files)
British Library Ms Add No. 26964 Manuscript (Howard's base text, 15.4mbs)
Manuscript Heb 28 Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden (Howard's "A" manuscript, 7.9mbs)

The Du Tillet Matthew

Here is a brief Introduction and Short History of the DuTillet Matthew
A comparison of the DuTillet Hebrew orthography with conventional printed block Hebrew
A scan of the book An Old Hebrew Text of St. Matthew's Gospel by Hugh J. Schonfield (T&T Clark, 1927). This is Schonfield's English translation (with introduction and other short studies) of the DuTillet
The Peshitta and DuTillet verse-by-verse comparison with translation of the Peshitta, by Rick Wills (Wellsprings of Torah).

I have scanned a xerox copy of the DuTillet Hebrew Matthew Manuscript (the original is housed in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris [Hebrew MSS. No. 132]). These scans are available below in pdf format. Since they are high resolution scans, the pages have been grouped to form smaller downloadable files.

Pages 1–9 / Pages 10–19 / Pages 20–29 / Pages 30–39 / Pages 40–49 / Pages 50–59 Pages 60–69 / Pages 70–74

I have transcribed the DuTillet Manuscript into normal Hebrew script and put it in a parallel column with the Greek text of Matthew (UBS text). This file also contains my initial notes made while transcribing the text.

Click here to download this file (in pdf format)

Münster Hebrew Matthew

This book, printed 1551–1554, contains an interesting array of texts, including the Münster Hebrew Matthew as edited by Johannes Quinquarboreus and the DuTillet Matthew. Some of the texts are in parallel columns with Latin and Greek. I have scanned the entire book and it is available on one CD for $12.00 plus shipping. Some samples of the scanned pages may be viewed below.

Click here to download a full index (pdf file) of what is on the CD. You can order the CD from our secure Online Store .

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