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New in the TorahResource Library

Through Romans with Tim Hegg

Tim Hegg's two volume commentary on the book of Romans (PDF), along with 99 audio lectures (MP3's) have just been added to the TorahResource Books & Teaching section. Those who have a TorahResource Library Membership can view and listen to this great resource anytime! Library Members can also download these PDF's and Audio lectures to their personal devices so they can study and listen on the go.

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TorahResource Institute's spring quarter registration is now open. Take a few minutes to look at the classes and choose what you will be taking this spring! Spring Quarter begins on March 28th.


This Week's Parashah:

Special Reading

Shabbat Shekalim - Sabbath of the Shekels

Torah: Exo 30:11–16
Haftarah: 2Ki 12:1–17

One Year Torah Reading Cycle:

Mishpatim - judgments

Torah: Ex 21:1-24:18
Haftarah: Jer 34:8-34:22; 33:25-33:26
Apostolic: Mat 17:1-11

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Three Year Torah Reading Cycle:

Parashah 72

Torah: Ex 37:1-38:20
Haftarah: 1Ki 8:8-22
Apostolic: 1Pt 2:4-10

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