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The Letter Writer

Paul's Background and Torah Perspective

310 pages; with Scripture & Subject Indexes

by Tim Hegg

Softcover – $18.95


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Materials for Community & Family

Siddurs, Seminars, teaching DVDs, Marriage, Cookbooks

new1 Studies in Early Judaisms – Hegg & Vanhoff [Sessions from the 2012 TR Institute Conference]

Beginning Hebrew Grammar, All Volumes. 1-3 (Video Files) - Tim Hegg

DuTillet & Munster Hebrew Matthew CD – Tim Hegg

Our Created Solar System, Vol 1 - DVD – Spike Psarris

Shabbat Siddur – Tehillot HaMashiach - Hardcover

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Weekly Parashah & Audio Teachings

Parashah #29

Genesis 30:22-31:2
1Samuel 1:1-11
Acts 13:16-41

Pesach/Passover – 1st Day

Exodus 12:21–51
Number 28:16–25
Joshua 5:2–6
Luke 22:1–27

Weekly Children's Lesson


Counting the Omer






Afternoon Study


Weekly Parashah & Pesach

Thots on Pesach
Yeshua our Pesach

Parashah #30



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