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“Preparing For Passover”

A Live Video Series on Facebook!

Join us Thursday, March 16th at 1:00pm (PST) for a live video presentation! This live Facebook video stream will focus on Passover: what it is, what it means, and how we can prepare and get ready for it. The video can be seen live or anytime after the broadcast airs on our Facebook Page. Watching the video live will allow viewers to interact by asking questions or comments. This is the first live video in the “Preparing for Passover” series that we will present over the next few weeks. Be sure to send us your questions about Passover and the traditions associated with it.

Catch the live stream or watch it on your own time on our Facebook Page (Click Here)

Class Added to Spring Quarter!

We are happy to announce we have added a class by Ariel Berkowitz, The History of Christianity Part 1, in the upcoming Spring Quarter. In this class Berkowitz covers the time from Yeshua's ascension to the prelude to the Reformation. Berkowitz's love of history and his wonderful gift as a story teller makes this class an exciting journey through the fascinating world of Church History.

To register for this class click here.

This Week’s Parashah:
For the week of March 25, 2017

Special Reading

Shabbat HaChodesh - Sabbath of the First Month

Torah: Exo 12:1-10
Haftarah: Eze 45:16-46:18

One Year Torah Reading Cycle (Double Portion):

Vayakel - and he assembled

Torah: Ex 35:1-38:20
Haftarah: 1Ki 7:40-7:50(E), 1Ki 7:13-7:26(H)
Apostolic: Heb 9:1-11

P'kudei - accountings of

Torah: Ex 38:21-40:38
Haftarah: 1Ki 7:51-8:21(E), 1Ki 7:40-7:50(H)
Apostolic: Heb 8:1-12

Download a One Year Torah Reading Schedule

Three Year Torah Reading Cycle:

Parashah 76

Torah: Lev 3:1-17
Haftarah: Is 43:21-28
Apostolic: James 1:13-15

Download a Three Year Torah Reading Schedule


Download a FREE 2017 Biblical Festival Schedule

2017 Festival ScheduleDownload Here:
2017 Festival Schedule (PDF, 49K)
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• Rosh Chodesh
• Modern Israeli Holidays


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